Employee Associations

With over 15 years of experience working with most of the largest unions in the United States in addition to small, local employee associations, non-profits and governmental agencies, I understand the individual and respective needs and issues facing represented employees.

If you are an employee association looking to strengthen your organization, receive more hands on help, organize for the present and build for the future, please contact me.

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I take pride in my in-depth and personal representation with employees associations. Unlike law firms or hired attorneys from outside of Central and Eastern Oregon, I provide representation not only during the process of collective bargaining, but also at your EBoard, membership and joint labor-management meetings. It is our goal to help your association become a more professional, stronger member run organization.

I also provide a comprehensive slate of trainings essential for any employees association. From Steward trainings, to Secretary and treasurer fiduciary trainings, to leadership trainings for elected Association EBoards, it is my goal to help you and your association reach its full potential.  

Employee Associations

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